In the modern age, IT and media are inseparable. Journalists are now able to have live video feeds and on-location with a simple smartphone app.

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This is a multi-million dollar industry that is growing every day. Thousands of people find financial independence by doing network marketing. And we have a solution in this area.


The site can say a lot about the company. Unsightly and unorganized site is unlikely to interest customers. And we have experience creating quality websites.


Computer games have become an integral part of our life, becoming one of the most popular forms of leisure, not only among young people. We have experience in creating such software.


Retail should be considered not only as a retail outlet, but as a principle of organizing trading. We have ready-made solutions in this area.

Wi-Fi Service

GoFriends Wi-Fi is a fully automated Wi-Fi advertising platform. The service helps people get free Wi-Fi in public places by permission via social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.


This is a set of methods, principles, tools and forms of company management with the aim of improving work efficiency and increasing profits. We have experience and expertise of software in this field.


The modern car market offers a huge choice of equipment, where each client can choose a car for all occasions. We can help you discover new opportunities in this industry.


This is not only travel and recreation, but also an important area of the economy. The tourism industry contributes to the flow of financial resources into the country. We have experience in creating solutions in the field of tourism.

Online car rent service

We understand challenges of Telecommunication industry, creating custom solutions for your needs.


We want to make your business more efficient and flexable, helping you to track your data and make use of it.


In the modern age, IT and media are inseparable. Our world is more connected than ever.


In the modern global economy, an efficient logistics solution is more important than ever before.


Today comprehensive retail solutions are inevitable for memorable online shopping experience.


There is no sphere of life where innovation is more important than education.

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